Music in the 1960s and 70s
1960s Walthamstow had largely recovered from the effects of the Second World War. There was more money about, and more jobs. Along with other new...
Music and performance in the late nineteenth century
In Victorian Walthamstow, the first public concerts began to be held, first in church halls, and then in the grand Victoria Hall built by J F H Read – a p...
Music in Tudor Walthamstow
At the time when Henry VIII was spending his father’s legacy on bringing both London and the Royal Palaces to the highest level of luxury and taste, W...
Food and Cooking
When the houses in this part of Walthamstow were new, in the 1890s, most cooking was done on a range that used coal as a fuel and was done from scratch. With n...
Going Out
When Walthamstow first began to grow, there was little in the way of organised public entertainment. Until the 1860s the only public spaces were churches and...
The Railways
The coming of the railways was the start of massive change for the Queens Road area of Walthamstow. Before 1850, most building was centred around Walthamstow...
The Dyson family and the workhouse
In the 1890s there was no unemployment pay and the only safety net for those whose friends and family could not help was still the workhouse. It was two...
Time Detectives – who lived here?
As part of the Watercress Beds to One-Way Streets project we have done extensive research about the development of the streets and houses in the project area –...
One Walthamstow Family
This is the story of a Walthamstow family. One of them was the great-grandmother of Jane Harris, who today is the head teacher of Edinburgh Primary School,...
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