Flower Beds created by 9 year olds
Planting the Cemetery
Cleaning up the Chapel

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Shakespeare’s Dark Lady in Walthamstow High Street?
Emilia Bassano, later Lanier, one of the second generation of the family to live in England, brought up in Court circles, was a musician and a poet in her own...
Walthamstow: an ideal retreat from the Tudor Court
Five centuries ago Walthamstow was a desirable country village, with some excellent houses and good farmland. It was an ideal location, too, for people who had...
Walthamstow Notes
Over the past three years Clio’s Company has worked with local children, adults, choirs, the Vestry House Museum, the Waltham Forest Music Service and many f...


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The First World War affected our area fundamentally, tearing families apart and forcing change as it did all over the world. In June we staged a performance...
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