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Len & Babs Finney
Len and Babs remember Buddy Holly’s gig at the Granada in Walthamstow very well. They were disappointed, thinking that Holly was not much of a showman.
Selborne Park
Selborne Park belongs to the people of Walthamstow. Originally more than twice the size, it was given in compensation for the common land lost when the railway...
Bill Martingale – Palace Theatre
Bill worked as Stage Manager and later General Manager of the Palace Theatre on Walthamstow High Street. The theatre staged music hall acts with generally two...
Eileen Bliss
Eileen grew up in Walthamstow and was born in Glenthorne Road. As part of her interview with the Waltham Forest Oral History Workshop she describes that...
Iron Maiden and Singing it with the Band
In Queen’s Road, Walthamstow lived the Rance family. The Christmas Terry Rance was twelve, his parents made him a present of an electric guitar. Terry went on t...
The Victoria Hall, later the Granada
This site in Hoe Street has been a place of entertainment for over 130 years – vast crowds and small groups of friends have gathered for concerts, plays, f...
John Francis Holcombe Read
John Francis Holcome Read’s story is one of obscurity to riches rather than rags to riches. Born in Jamaica in 1821, Read was the son of a minor official and h...
The Bassano Family
In Venice, the Bassano family were settled as musicians to the Doge. It took several years of negotiations before most of the family finally moved countries...
Markhouse Common Allotments
Markhouse Common Allotments are the last remnant of land that once belonged to all local people in common. There were rules, but essentially it was available...
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